5 Financial Decisions To Make Before Hitting 40  

5 Financial Decisions To Make Before Hitting 40  

Regardless of the stage of your life, executing and going through with sound financial decisions prior to retirement is vital. Being knowledgeable of how to execute these crucial decisions is a skill or talent which must be acquired through learning and experience. Similar to playing a sport, the earlier you can start to learn about making smart financial decisions, the more you will benefit from it. Additionally, starting at a younger age generally indicates that you will master or at least be well-inclined in making sound financial decisions.


Gradually and consistently storing money away is typically what the majority of individuals think of when they perceive their future goals and needs. However, in today’s modern era, investment options are perhaps the most beneficial actions you can start implementing as soon as today for reasons including future financial security. As mentioned, it’s always better sooner than later when it comes to starting to invest, regardless of the industry or sector. Consequently, below are the best investment options that you should consider before turning 40 years old.

Retirement plans:

Perhaps the most overlooked investment options are future retirement plans. When saving for retirement regardless of your age, you should think of the compound interest, and how it can be your friend if you start at an early age. Although it may be discouraging to think about retirement considering you haven’t started it yet at age 30 for an example, the situation often worsens as you let time pass-by and age. The majority of employers often offer retirement plans in the form of 401k’s or other incentives to get you to start saving. If so, you should take advantage of this, as some employers even match your contributions up to a certain amount as long as you still work for them. Even a small monthly contribution to your retirement plan can grow exponentially over-time. After all, once you stop working, you must have some money in order to maintain a comfortable living all the way through retirement.

Stock market:

Although the majority of individuals dismiss the idea of investing in their future at a younger age, it may actually be the best time to start investing. This is largely contributed to the fact that the longer your money is invested, the longer time it has to grow. One powerful way to take advantage of this investment option is by investing in the stock market in some form, whether that may be traditional stocks, mutual funds, ETFs or a diversified investment portfolio. Furthermore, one of the primary advantages of investing at a younger age is contributed to risk tolerance. Generally, individuals are willing to take more financial risks at a younger age as a result of the lack of financial responsibilities, and being able to rebound from the potential loss with little to no detrimental consequences. Not only has stock investing offered the greatest potential for growth over the past years, but also gave individuals the ability to ride-out stock market down-times. Additionally, stock investing, regardless of the sector, allows you as the investor to base your stock investment decisions on your financial situation and risk tolerance. Historically, financial odds strongly favour a diversified mixture of investing in general, with stocks being among one of the most favourable sectors. However, it is critical to only invest what you can afford, but also not to invest too conservatively at a younger age. At a younger age, it makes more sense to take more financial investment risks.

Gold and silver:

Not to be confused with investing in precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum through ETFs. Purchasing these metals physically and holding them may be extremely beneficial for the future. Owning physical pieces of gold, silver or even platinum allows you to own a physical asset which can be sold in the future. The price of these metals are constantly changing, and holding them outside of the financial system can actually reduce the risks associated with counterparties. Furthermore, platinum may be an excellent physical metal investment if you store it over time. This is because their supply is limited, and new uses for this metal are being discovered regularly. Platinum is also among the most expensively traded metals on earth, as their value is estimated to rise. You can perform research regarding platinum pricing information online to get a clear idea about how this industry, as a whole, has evolved with time and what are the future scopes. 

Real estate:

The majority of individuals often misunderstand investing in real estate, largely due to a fear of another market crash. However, there are numerous ways in which you can start investing in real estate in general. One of the most popular ways a millennial can invest in real estate is by renting out a property or an apartment. Not only does this help to build your credit which you can utilize in the future for an abundance of things, but it also builds you passive income. You will be able to collect the monthly rental checks from tenants, at a higher price than you are originally required to pay to the lender, all without actually owning the property initially. This investment method is extremely powerful, and many have recognized the benefits that it provides.

As mentioned above, it’s better sooner than later when it comes to investing in your future. After all, you are investing in the way you will be living your life when you are nearing retirement. Money, in general, is often a clingy topic, but when it concerns your overall well-being, it is vital that you begin investing as soon as you comfortably can.

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