4 tips that make your quarantine life easier

4 tips that make your quarantine life easier

Circumstances around the world are quite hard, and it is not a good idea to go outside frequently unless it is highly necessary. ‘Stay home Stay safe’ is the motto everyone needs to follow to save their lives along with their family in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. People believe nothing is possible to do by staying at home and require going outside. If you are on the same path, you are certainly wrong. Many ways can help you make your quarantine life easy. Let’s check how things can be done by staying home.

Tips to make life easier in Quarantine

Life is short, stay happy and safe. So it’s time to do the majority of the works right from home. People think utilities can be paid only by visiting the stores or offices. However, here we show how everything can be done easily by staying home. Read TIPS TO MAKE SOCIAL DISTANCING SUCCESSFUL

  1. Pay for your essentials online

The situation can be anything, but without groceries, it’s quite difficult to stay at home. You are familiar only with going to the shops and buying groceries and paying them cash. Now, it’s time to bring a change. So, in these circumstances, it is an excellent idea to check with the stores that offer home delivery and pay online. Phonepe is one of the applications that allow users to place the order from the app for groceries and pay online with home delivery.

  1. Paying electricity or water bill

No need to keep utility bills pending, but prefer paying online without visiting the stores. Airtel Payments Bank offers the users an opportunity to pay water bill payment online without the risk to step out or stand in queue for a longer duration. The payment process is quite simple and the payment is made in minutes. Visit the official Airtel Payments Bank website and register. After completing the registration process, log in for paying the electricity bill, or water bill, gas bill, or recharge your mobile online. Select the utility and pay online with a few clicks. You get 50% cashback on your first transaction through Airtel Payment Bank. Besides this, there are many offers and discounts for the existing customers as well.

  1. Consult the doctors online

It has become easy to consult the doctors by using various apps specifically designed for online consultations such as DocsApp. These apps provide the convenience to pay online. It also allows users to buy medicines online with few clicks.

  1. Recharge DTH online

DTH recharge does not require to visit stores; instead, it can be paid online simply through any of the payment platforms like Airtel Payments Bank or Phonepe or Paytm or others. Stay home, pay the bill online, and watch your favorite program with just a few clicks.

Paying online not only makes your life easier but also helps you in saving time. Pay bills online and stay happy in this quarantine days.

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