Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Victoria, BC

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If you are in Victoria, BC and are looking for a reputable insolvency trustee to help you out of your debt or financial problems, you will find reliable firms that can provide you with topnotch solutions. They are staffed with experts who have substantial experience in handling matters that concern insolvency, both for corporate, as well as individual clients. Whether you want to file for personal bankruptcy or are in need of consumer credit counselling in Victoria, these experts can help. For instance, they have specialized in:

1. Corporate Bankruptcy 

In case you file for corporate bankruptcy, a Licensed Bankruptcy Trustee will take full control of the assets of your company and all of your unsecured creditors will be prevented from making debt collection efforts. Note that even though the insolvency trustee may continue running the company for some time, the fact is, it will ultimately cease its operations and the assets will be used for the purposes of benefiting the creditors. Ideally, before assigning a company into bankruptcy, the trustee may try out other alternative courses of action and only opt for it as the last resort.

2. Credit Counselling in Victoria, BC

If you are in need of professional consumer credit counselling in Victoria, these firms have expert credit counselors who can help. Their personalized credit counseling services are usually personalized to your unique financial situation. They are able to provide you with the right information and the advice that can help you to effectively approach your debt and money management issues. In addition, these professionals can also help with other tasks, such as planning a personal budget and managing credit.

3. Consumer Proposals 

Ideally, a consumer proposal is a formal arrangement between a person and their creditors that legally bars any unsecured creditors from making collection efforts any further. Instead, you will be expected to make your payments to the bankruptcy trustee who then distributes that money to the creditors. The best thing about most of the consumer proposals is that you will typically pay much less than the amount you owe your creditors.

4. Receiver and Receiver-Manager Services

These insolvency trustee firms may also be appointed by a court of law to act as the receiver or receiver-manager. This comes in handy, especially during the sale of a real estate property or when significant amounts of money are owed to utility corporations. Upon appointment, the receiver or receiver-manager will act as the officer of the court.

In addition, these firms also have expertise in handling personal bankruptcy, debt consolidation, corporate proposals, as well as business reorganization, among other things. They have friendly and professional advisors who are able to provide you with comprehensive and personalized service. Whether you would like to file for bankruptcy or are in need of professional credit counselling in Victoria, BC, these firms can help.

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