Investors often associate their mutual fund investments with SIP investment. Though, it is true that Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a popular investment tool available to investors that helps them to invest in mutual funds. However, there’s another method to invest your funds in mutual funds as well. Yes, we are talking about lumpsum investment. Investors often run away from this mode of investment as they are unsure when

Tips for Managing Your Money as You Approach Retirement

Are you in the process of planning for your own retirement and want to make sure you have enough money to do the things you want to do? Thinking about retiring is both an exciting and stressful time. People need to make sure they have the funds for all they need after they decide to stop working. It’s a good idea to consider all your future expenses, vacation plans, and

Is Investing In Mutual Funds Better Than Direct Stock Investment?

What are mutual funds? How are they different from stocks? Mutual funds are a pool of professionally managed funds that invest across various asset classes. What a fund house does is that it collects money from investors who share a common investment objective and invest this pool of funds across the Indian and foreign economy. Mutual fund investors are allotted units in accordance with the investment amount and depending on

How Young Investors Can Build a MF Portfolio Using Debt Funds

Younger investors have the world to their feet when it comes to investment opportunities. When you are young, you have the opportunity to start investing early so that you can build a decent corpus by the time you retire. A lot of young investors do not realize the importance of saving and prefer splashing on luxuries instead. However, if you really want to see yourself become financially stable in future

Retirement Planning with Systematic investment plan

Retirement is a stage where most individuals are off their 9 to 5 job and living on a fixed income. Hence, it is essential to keep retirement in mind while financial planning. You are going to need more money later than you need now because growing age brings its own share of illness and health issues. So if you do not have a good health plan, you will have to

A DDQ Will Help You Guarantee the Safety of All Your Information Systems

A due diligence questionnaire is a crucial part of choosing the right IT service provider for a company. With a fully qualified IT service provider, you are supported by competent technicians and benefit from expert advice. This article proposes a process for setting the DDQ specifications required by your company and assessing the different IT service providers. You must use a DDQ to guarantee the security of your information systems

5 Smart Investing and Trading Ideas for 2019

We still have a few months of 2019 left and that means there is still time to invest and trade before the year is over. In the beginning of the year, you probably made a lot of New Year Resolutions and did you hold true to any of them? Perhaps you had plans for your money that you never put into practice because the year got ahead of you. That’s

What kind of training should I be looking into?

Rather, search for academies or training programs that have been created by private detectives. Who recognizes much better concerning what a new or an ambitious private detective requires to know that an investigator that has remained in the area for a substantial quantity of time? Also, aim to see that the sponsoring firm is active in the market also. Are they still supplying normal private investigative services to durable clients?

Simple steps for investing in share market without too many risks

Investing in stock market is going viral this time, especially for millennial people. Some great investment returns can be achieved if you know how to invest in share markets with minimum risk. Although it is a great feeling to receive good amounts in return for a small investment, it is also important to keep in mind to avoid risking too much. You need to know deeply about all the risks

You're 65 – too old to make a financial plan?

Planning for retirement is very much important to spend the golden years with great peace of mind. You can build a large corpus by contributing for retirement fund when you are young. There are various choices to make to prepare for retirement. If you too late to buy the pension plan, you should subscribe to a financial plan at the earliest. There are certain pension plans which are ideal to