10 Reasons Why Your Bike Still Needs An Insurance   

During the monsoon, we all make it a point to carry an umbrella with us when we step out of the house. Even though the sky may look clear, we know that later in the day, the weather may not remain the same. And so, we carry the umbrella, so that we are prepared when it rains. It works the same way when it comes to bike insurance. Just like

Here's How The Insurance Premium Of Used Car Vary?

In India, buying car insurance is mandatory by law. It is an illegal act to drive a car without valid car insurance whether it is a new car or a second-hand car. A car owner generally needs to pay an insurance premium on a yearly basis to validate the insurance papers. The insurance companies calculate the premium of a car based on a lot of factors like personal details of

Why Professional Dog Walkers Need Insurance

Dog walking is quite possibly one of the most rewarding ways for you to earn money. After all, it gives you the chance to get fit while also being able to enjoy the company of your warm and fluffy companions. If you want to make the most out of your business however then you have to make sure that you have a quality insurance policy. What does it Cover? Sure,

Have questions about your Two-wheeler loan? Here’s the answer        

Availing a two-wheeler loan is quite easy if you know what you are looking for. However, there are always questions that will be there in the back of your mind. In order to help you understand the nuances of a two-wheeler loan here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions: Can you be eligible for a two-wheeler loan? Any salaried or self-employed person between 21 and 60 years of age is

Save Your Money Using Only Kotak Life Insurance Plans

Many of us believe in enjoying the current phase of life while aspiring for a better future. The better future could be for you, your family or even life after retirement. However, when it comes to the future we do not have a great deal of control over it. There could be a lot of uncertainties that one might have to face. One of the smarter ways of dealing with