Malta Passport- Everything you Need to Know

Malta Passport- Everything you Need to Know

Are you interested in a second citizenship? Maybe you want a better passport than the one you already have? You could also be curious about the best passports you can get. No matter what the case, a Maltese passport is one of the top options you can consider. It is a biometric document that’s only issued to those who have Maltese citizenship. As the country is part of the European Union, a Maltese passport essentially means an EU passport, which gives you the same rights as that of an EU citizen.

Owning a Maltese passport means that you have the right to work, live and study within the European Union, with free residence and movement rights. It also gives you visa-free travel to more than 160 countries, including the Americas, Asia, Africa and EU’s Schengen zone. Having a Maltese passport is an insurance policy and can also unlock a lot of opportunities for you and your family.

You can get lifelong benefits as a Maltese citizen, which includes the right to work, travel, live and study anywhere in the EU, free access to high quality education, a better quality of life, access to the best healthcare and visa free travel to numerous countries around the world. On a global ranking scale, the Maltese passport is 8th in the world. As far as getting a Maltese passport is concerned, there are several ways to go about it. You should note that Malta doesn’t have a ‘passport for sale’ scheme, but there are other options you can explore.

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme is one option, where you have to make a qualifying investment in the country. You can also get citizenship by marriage i.e. marry a Maltese citizen or become a Maltese citizen by descent i.e. you are born elsewhere, but your family resides in Malta.

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