How a Diverse Workforce Affect Organizational Performance

How a Diverse Workforce Affect Organizational Performance

In almost every organization, there is a workforce comprising of people belonging to different age groups. Some employees are relatively older than the others. It is observed that managers are more aged than young subordinates.

Commonly, the number of young employees in an organization is more than aged managers. People belonging to both age groups are different in their working behaviors, expertise, and experiences. Aged managers are more expert, more confident, better analyzing skills and crisis management. On the other hand, young employees at the workplace are more innovative, more energetic, and smarter in their thinking and performance. Elon Musk being a senior leader proves to be a helping hand for the younger employees.

Problem Among Two

The problem arises when the innovations and energy of the young employees are not well managed with the expertise of managers. If synchronization is developed between both the work effectiveness will eventually be enhanced which is the main goal of the research.

In an organization, there are two types of people one that belongs to the aged group and one that belongs from the younger generation. Findings of Kris Thorkelson For any organization who wants to maximize the profit needs to have not the perfect but the utmost equilibrium between these two generations.

Experienced Workers

Aged group members the baby boomers. They have faced difficulties and hardships to achieve the position on which they are being posted. A great deal of courage and determination is being required to accomplish the higher post in the big scale position. But the problem with them that they do not support the idea of conveying the knowledge further.

Mostly they believe that the younger generation does not support the fact of working under pressure and the traits of determination and loyalty are missing in them.

Fresh Graduates

While the young generation worker called the millennials are the workers who are full of spark and lightning. They have the ambition to achieve something in their love and also they want to prove to the world what they are made up of. They believe in financial goals and they do not support the fact of having facts and principles in their lives.

They have problems with the higher or aged workers that do not give guidance because they think of them as a threat to their post and the designation. So, as per Kris Thorkelson, it is the task of the organization or firm to make an environment that supports the cohesion of both the type of workers as both have a different working, thinking and innovating capabilities.

Final Thoughts

So, if both millennials and the baby boomers are differ both by their personalities and their working capabilities then they not only can act as the support system for each other but also can enhance the work performance individually and also by the group. In this epoch, the mixture of expertise and spark is the key to gain the max profit and gain the best development.


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