Advantages of Gold Investments When Everyone Is Running Behind Cryptocurrencies

Gold is an age-old investment that is even now used for creating a hedge against inflation and volatility. As the stock market remains highly volatile in 2021, gold prices crashed initially to again pick up the surge in the second half of the year. Gold is not just used as a metal for making jewelry but also provides a substantial means to invest and get returns on the same. Whether


Money makes the world go round; there’s no doubt about it. Money opens doors for exciting opportunities and countless possibilities. Therefore, having a safety blanket of money is essential. Anyone who knows the ABC of money management will tell you that one should always set aside a considerable portion of monthly income into a small savings account. One doesn’t need to put in additional work to save money every single

Ozan SuperApp Becomes a Mastercard Member

Ozan Elektronik Para, operating as Ozan SuperApp, announces that they are a member of Mastercard as of September 2021.  With this membership, Ozan SuperApp users can now be issued their personal, Mastercard-branded Ozan debit cards. Teaming up with Mastercard, the global payment-tech pioneer Ozan SuperApp is now a member of the global payment technologies leader Mastercard, widening the extent of its financial services for its growing user base. Ozan SuperApp


Investors often associate their mutual fund investments with SIP investment. Though, it is true that Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a popular investment tool available to investors that helps them to invest in mutual funds. However, there’s another method to invest your funds in mutual funds as well. Yes, we are talking about lumpsum investment. Investors often run away from this mode of investment as they are unsure when

Tips for Managing Your Money as You Approach Retirement

Are you in the process of planning for your own retirement and want to make sure you have enough money to do the things you want to do? Thinking about retiring is both an exciting and stressful time. People need to make sure they have the funds for all they need after they decide to stop working. It’s a good idea to consider all your future expenses, vacation plans, and

3 Mutual fund trends not to miss in 2021      

The year 2020 was a more dramatic roller-coaster ride for investors. Covid-19 pandemic-induced stock market crash in March gave rise to heavy net outflows from the equity segment of the mutual fund’s industry. Mutual fund schemes are considered one of the best investment options due to their manifold benefits. As we entered 2021, the Mutual Fund industry witnessed more retail participation from smaller cities in particular. If you are looking forward to

How to trade cryptocurrency like a pro trader

Cryptocurrency trading has become a very popular profession in today’s world. Thousands of retail traders across the globe are jumping into this business due to the intense volatility of the market. But taking the trades in such a volatile market is a very tough task. People who have less knowledge about this trading industry, usually fail to make money since they don’t have the proper knowledge to deal with the

When You Should Hire a CPA

Certified public accountants, or CPAs, offer a wide range of services, including bookkeeping, payroll, and risk management services. Check out like-kind exchange Palm Desert to gain a better understanding of the services CPAs provide. Take a look at this explanation concerning when you should hire a CPA. Before Starting Your Business Certified public accountants are financial planning experts, so they can help you draft a business plan and figure out a legal

Tips for Effective Personal Financial Planning

Effective financial planning helps you manage your money now and prepares you for future financial needs. Whether you are wealthy without any debt or you are drowning in debt, you need a financial plan. When You have set your financial goals and organized your financial information, you may consider searching for a personal financial planning service Santa Ana CA, but here are a few tips to get you started. Calculate Your

3 Strategies for Saving Your Failing Small Business

Businesses struggle for many reasons. Perhaps the economy is slowing, and your profits are dwindling. You’re in a tough spot, but you believe in your product, and you’re not ready to throw in the towel. Here are three actions you can take to adjust your operations and save your business. Get Smaller If growing your company costs you money, then shrinking it should save you some, right? It’s possible. If