tips for choosing a bank

tips for choosing a bank

Placing your money in the wrong bank can cost you, so choosing a bank is an important task. Whether you are getting ready to open your first account or you are searching for a new bank, consider the following tips.

Financial Goals

Your first step should be determining your financial banking goals. Consider your future as well. You may only need checking and savings now, but will you need money market accounts and access to CDs in the next few years? Are you looking for any additional services? Also, consider banking resources, such as bank ATMs Hoboken NJ.

Determine whether you are looking for a local bank that supports your local community and businesses, or a large national or online bank. The services you want may affect the type of bank you choose.

Research Your Options

Research your banking options. Take your goals and compare the products and services at each bank. For example, if you are looking for a high-yield savings account, you may not consider a bank with a significantly low savings account yield. Also, research the different types of checking accounts that are available from each bank. Some may offer unlimited transactions, while others are limited, and some offer interest on your money. Research and compare banking fees extensively.

Research the banks’ reputations as well. This may include searching through online reviews and asking your peer group for referrals. However, you may also speak with your local chamber of commerce and contact the Better Business Bureau during your bank research.


Many people are moving to online banks, but these institutions may not offer the same accessibility as local banks. For example, they may not have multiple ATM locations in your area. Local banks also offer better customer service because you can speak with a person by walking into or calling the bank. They also offer expanded services, such as financial planning, classes on different financial topics and banking analysis, which they may use to offer you additional products that save you money.

Choose a bank that fits your lifestyle and offers you the services you desire. Doing a little homework can save you money.


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