This Mother’s day learn 5 financial lessons taught by mothers!

This Mother's day learn 5 financial lessons taught by mothers!

This Mother’s Day celebrate the virtue of caring and  pay using Bajaj EMI Finance Card

There are no two ways about it: your mother is incredible. Among all the things a mother teaches and bestows on her children, financial lessons do not always receive the attention they deserve! Everyone recognises that a mother instils ethical and moral principles in her children. Do you go from one paycheck to the next? Now is the time to break the cycle!

A mother, on the other hand, provides far more. If you pay close attention to your mother, you’ll notice that she’s devised a scheme for herself at every turn. Whether it’s grinding vegetables, waking up her children, or even saving money, she does it all! Thinking back and drawing the dots, we can see that we have learned a lot more from our mother. And in honour of Mother’s Day 2021, we’re taking a look back at all the creative ways our mothers have saved the family a lot of cash!

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  • Being Frugal Isn’t Always Bad

Haven’t our parents instilled in us the importance of understanding the worth of money? This is generally accompanied by a description of how hard our parents worked to raise money and save it for us. The importance of appreciating the worth of money is a key lesson here. At home, we can all see how our mother never buys anything she doesn’t require. She does not engage in any form of frivolous spending. She estimates and schedules where she can find the best deals on groceries and home appliances. We will all aspire to be as frugal as she is and thank her when we see how much money we save. Our mother understands the value of every penny.

  • Keeping It Simple

We can’t stress enough how crucial this advice is! This is a natural extension and benefit of making calm decisions. Isn’t it amazing how our mother can keep things so easy when it comes to money? Your mother will follow these tips without the assistance of an expert, whether it’s simply writing down her daily expenses in her diary, saving for something, or simply being frugal with her money. While it can seem counterintuitive and/or insignificant, it often aids in keeping finances easy. Make your savings and investments as simple as possible. The less complicated it is, the smoother our lives will be and the better the decision will be.

  • Save Away

Let us remember the day when our mother presented us with a piggy bank. It used to be a fun thing for us back then. But do you know what we learned from that amusing piggy bank activity? Investing. Remember how Ma will reward us with a 5 rupee coin for helping her with a chore or doing our homework on time? “Put it in your piggy bank,” she’d say, “and when it fills up, you can buy the remote control car.” So, how can you put that into practise? To meet your short- and long-term financial goals, you know you need to invest in significant investment instruments such as mutual funds or stocks. Your financial path, however, began with your mother.

  • Creating a Budget

We should all accept that mothers are referred to as the House Finance Ministers, and now we know why. A budget is a simple financial statement that tracks estimated revenue and expenses for a set period of time. The budget is normally prepared annually for our purposes in order to estimate the monthly expenses for running the household. It’s incredible how precisely and effectively our mothers build a monthly budget. Mum also decides ahead of time how much money will be invested and where it will be spent. This is a true work of art, and one of the best in the world! We now know who to credit if we make a strong budget.

  • Setting Financial Goals

This is a follow-up to the previous financial lesson on building a budget and forming a savings habit. Setting a financial target would go a long way toward accumulating the funds needed for different life milestones and activities. Our mother has always urged us to create and follow a financial plan to achieve our objectives. If it’s a vacation we want to take next year or a bike we want to buy later, planning is always beneficial.

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Wrapping Up

Money isn’t something that grows on trees. Every penny matters. These are some of the most basic but powerful financial lessons that everyone learns from their parents, particularly their mothers. Often, we are unaware of how our mothers instil vital financial lessons in us that we will apply in our lives. When it comes to making a budget and easily handling household finances, they lead by example. Our mothers have countless financial lessons for us to remember. Isn’t your mother a financial force to be reckoned with?

Finserv MARKETS takes this opportunity to honor, respect, and appreciate our mothers for all of their accomplishments on Mother’s Day 2021. We are proud to focus on how our mothers think selflessly about others and value the virtue of being caringly yours. Our numerous plans and policies are tailored to meet the needs of these dedicated women, and we aim to assist them as selflessly as they assist us.

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