How to Decorate a Home Office

How to Decorate a Home Office

As the pandemic wears on, people are starting to realize they might be stuck in their home offices longer than originally anticipated. Although few people are probably disappointed about trading in office panel systems and work pants for a cozy desk chair and sweats, there’s still a matter of making a home office feel, well, homey! Simply sticking a computer in your spare room or adding a desk next to a window won’t make for the most productive space, so here are a few tips to get your work juices flowing while keeping you focused and productive.

Home Office Decor

One thing that’s great in any home, and any home office, is plants! Adding plants or plant patterns to your tiny workspace can help you to open up the room and feel like you aren’t stuck in the house all day long. Look for wood grain desks or accent furniture, plant printed drapes, or add a succulent or two to the windowsill. Another important consideration is the colors in your home office. If a drab eggshell wall keeps drawing your attention into Wonderland, then consider jazzing it up with creative colors that help you to feel awake, alert, and creative. Perhaps one of the biggest issues with a home office is finding a place to keep all those documents and office knick knacks that usually lived in the filing cabinet or supply room. This is why having stylish storage space is a must. If you need somewhere to keep a few files, invest in a desk with drawers where you can hang file folders. A hutch or bookshelf is another great solution if you need to store knick knacks, manuals, or guides.

Decorating a home office the right way can make you feel happier, more awake, and more productive than ever before!



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