Demo Account

Demo Account

If you would like to start trading in Forex then FXOpen free demo account will be the best platform to gain a real trading experience. Actually, this is a forex demo account that can help you to get exact knowledge all about forex trading.

Mainly the aim of FXOpen is to prepare oneself by forex trading demo before start the real business. All we know that there is a risk of losing your investment in forex. Many novice forex traders have lost all of their money at the very beginning of their start. Also, there are many psychological aspects you should overcome with a cool brain. FXOpen demo trading account allows you to create a free account as the same as the real one. You will get all the real experiences here that will assist you to get the tricks and techniques. You will lose your money and sometimes all of your investment. But you are safe here because you won’t lose any real money.

When you working with our demo account you will have huge imitated funds and you can use them to invest as you like. In reality, there is no difference between a real account and a demo but the imitated funds. That’s why you can prepare yourself to overcome the psychological difficulty when you start a real account.

Forex demo account very beneficial for the new forex investor. Because a demo is a great way for newcomers to gain the essential skills, learn more about the currency market, as well as get acquainted with trading platforms with a risk-free condition, work with several trading strategies and trading robots. With an FXOpen demo account, you will get access to all trading functionalities that are really exclusive.

ECN demo account by FXOpen set up you to an exclusive communication network which links various active members of Forex market: banks, centralized exchanges, other companies, and brokers, also classified investors where all dealing styles, as well as strategies, are permitted. As a real trader, you will get access to CFD crypto, FX Spot, CFD Metals, CFD stocks, CFD commodities, and CFD indexes. On the other hand, an STP demo account is the opposite of an ECN account. This type of demo account signifies all the benefits of an ECN real market execution.

So it is really a good opportunity for you to open a forex demo account with FXOpen. And complete your warm-up before start your real forex trading.

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