4 Best Apps to Pay All Your Bills without Leaving Your House

4 Best Apps to Pay All Your Bills without Leaving Your House

Digital payment systems have drastically changed the payment process in India. With countless online payment options and applications today, you can pay all your utility bills and make recharge every month without setting a foot out of your home. You can pay all your regular expenses such as phone recharges, postpaid bill payment, DTH recharge, and electricity bill payment online with these super easy applications.

Although there are multiple choices when it comes to online payment platforms, you might not know which one is safe and handles your details with utmost security.

So here are some of the best applications you can use for online payments:

  1. Google Pay

Started with the name ‘Tez’ as the online payment application, Google Pay has quickly become one of the favorites among the users. Its unique feature of earning cash back or discount in terms of scratch cards might fetch you some monetary reward. This was started as a scheme to increase the number of users and became popular.

  1. Airtel Money Wallet

This online payment application comes from the popular Airtel Telecom from India. Airtel Money allows its users to make their payment transactions cash-free without any hassle. It also has an online wallet where you can store balance. The best part about this app is you do not require a bank account to use this platform.  You can simply add money to the wallet and start using even if you don’t have bank accounts, debit/card or use other online payment options. Another USP of this application is that it runs without the internet. It uses USSD technology where you do not require an internet connection to operate the application.

  1. Paytm

Paytm is the pioneer of the digital payment space in India. It has brought a revolution in the online payment process. Though there are several competitors in the market, it is still the most favorite digital payment application among Indians. The best part about the PayTm application is its user-friendliness.

  1. PhonePe

Yet another Indian online payment application, PhonePe is around since 2015 and has a user base of around 100 million. This alone tells about its efficient operation and security as no one would deal with a payment application if they find even a tad bit fishy.

All of the above online payment platforms are customer-friendly and the best in the market. Also, with increased risk of financial crimes, these applications have started a KYC procedure. After completing this procedure only, you can avail of all the services these online platforms offer.

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