3 Ways To Prepare Your Business for a Hurricane

3 Ways To Prepare Your Business for a Hurricane

Hurricanes and tropical storms are an unfortunate fact of life in many regions, and being prepared for them is paramount. Here are 3 ways to ensure your business is ready for a weather emergency.

  1. Prepare To Evacuate Staff

Many states have evacuation maps readily available; along with providing designated evacuation routes, they can give you a sense of how high the risk level is in your area. Familiarize your team with this information, and have written plans at the ready in case you must leave quickly. Consider designating a staff member to oversee an evacuation so panic is kept to a minimum and everyone leaves safely.

  1. Rent a Generator

In the event of a storm, power can often be cut off from your business for days. Without electricity, you may be unable to access important company data or maintain critical communications. Plan ahead by arranging for generator rental Fort Lauderdale FL or in your area as soon as you know bad weather is coming. Having access to power during and after a storm can keep your business up and running and minimize lost productivity.

  1. Protect Your Property

Just as you would prepare your home for an impending hurricane, you should also take measures to protect your office building and what’s inside it. Have materials on hand for boarding up windows, and if flooding is likely in your area you should draw up a plan for moving your sensitive equipment to higher ground. As with staff evacuation, it’s a good idea to have someone in charge of coordinating property protection so it’s handled efficiently when time is of the essence.

Being prepared can go a long way towards helping your business get through a hurricane. Making plans now can increase the chances of your staff and your property successfully weathering the storm.

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