5 ways to increase customer loyalty in your growing insurance company

Thanks in large part to changes in consumer behaviour and the advancement in technologies, it is now far harder to convince people to stay loyal to any brand. At the same time however, there are now more opportunities than ever for savvy companies to engage with clients and build brand loyalty. Building customer loyalty may be a challenge in an age where there are all sorts of attractive offers vying

The misconceptions of a novice trader

There are many ways the currency trading market is branded to the outside world. To those who have not heard of the Forex industry, it is surprising to them how people can get a chance to change the luck. Sadly, only the potentials are advertised by the brokers. The perils are often hidden as it would drive people away from investing capital. When novice investors come, they have many misconceptions

Smart Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

Whether it be through investing, by engaging in small daily tasks, or simply by starting a small side hustle or business, almost everyone is seeking ways to improve their current income. Fortunately enough, there are plenty of opportunities all around that will allow you to make ends meet while also engaging in activities that you are interested in. If you have been looking for ways to grow your income, here

Myths about Hiring an Accounting Firm and the Truth Behind Them

You see the importance of having an accounting firm helping you out with your tax documents. You also realise that they can provide better quality services than a full-time accountant. With an accounting firm, you get an entire team of accounting experts who will help you with your accounts. However, you might still hesitate to hire an accounting firm because of some myths. Myth # 1- The cost is too