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The Top Lotteries around the World

Lotteries allow you to test your luck and on a silver day, you reap big time. Do you know even if you’re in a country where lottery jackpots earn meager cash, you can join international ones that pay handsomely? When it comes to the lottery, you only need to be patient and broaden your catchment by subscribing to international lotteries, keep playing and with time; you could become a millionaire

Affordable Full Talktime Plans for Budget-Savvy Users

2019 brought major ups and downs in the Indian telecom industry.  Hike of tariffs was one of the major events. Almost each service provider, including industry giants like Vodafone, Airtel, Jio, etc. in the industry increased the price of prepaid plans. This created confusion among subscribers. Users are still wondering which plan will best suit their needs in a pocket-friendly way. Majority of people want unlimited data, but many people

Looking to save taxes at the 11th hour? Don't worry, here are 3 last-minute tax-saving opportunities you can use today!

Paying taxes is often a headache for some people. However, it is highly necessary to pay taxes as not paying taxes is a certified crime. The topic can be introduced by saying that tax savings are another option that people can avail. One should have a proper tax planning in order to save taxes. Proper tax planning will reduce tax liability and will also help the saver to reach goals

House Buying Tips that You Should Know

It is exciting for people to buy a new home, especially if it is your first time. However, it can quickly become overwhelming because there are so many preparations and decisions that you have to make. Luckily, you can buy a new house the right way to make sure you get a home that suits your current needs and future. Here are some essential tips that you should learn when you

Here's How The Insurance Premium Of Used Car Vary?

In India, buying car insurance is mandatory by law. It is an illegal act to drive a car without valid car insurance whether it is a new car or a second-hand car. A car owner generally needs to pay an insurance premium on a yearly basis to validate the insurance papers. The insurance companies calculate the premium of a car based on a lot of factors like personal details of

Get Personal Loan Instantly with Indiabulls Dhani App

These are trying times. With the COVID-19 outbreak showing no signs of stopping in India and other nations around the world, it can be challenging to take care of your financial requirements with your fixed stream of income. Personal loans may help but with more cities getting locked down to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, it can be difficult. Unless you opt for online personal loans through mobile apps.

5 Effective Tips for Managing Personal Finances

Are you looking for tips to manage your personal finances? If so, then you’re in the right place to explore tips for personal finance management that can aid you in accomplishing your financial goals. Managing personal finances is no child’s play. It requires a lot of discipline and effort. Consistency is the key here. So, the main concern is: are you ready for this commitment? To help you get started

Should you invest in Tax Saving Fixed Deposit in 2020?

Looking to make some tax-saving investments? Well, a tax-saving fixed deposit makes for a great option. This instrument lets you save tax under the Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. What makes this form of investment common among investors is that it carries an almost no-risk on investment. At the end of the investment tenure, you are assured the principal and interest amount. Returns are contractually guaranteed by the

How Offices Can Make Life Easier for Employees

A lot of time is spent at the office and many people feel overwhelmed and overworked. Of course, many people love their jobs and can, in a good way, get lost in their work because they enjoy what they’re doing. That said, it’s still important for employers and businesses to take care of their employees. Here are some ways offices can make life easier for employees. Provide Proper Technology Employees can’t

Ways to Maximize Credit Card Rewards for an Effortless e-Commerce Experience

With the gradual passage of time, people are shifting from paper currency to plastic currency and for good reasons. Credit cards host a number of benefits over cash. They allow you to pay various utility bills without the need for carrying cash everywhere, offers maximum security and allows you to enjoy several other advantages. However, in order to maximize the benefits from credit cards, there are certain things which you